Guar and Total Fluid Systems

PfP Technology is a world leader in the supply of guar gum to the hydraulic fracturing and oilfield completions industry. Established in 2001, we initially provided dry powder guar to pressure pumping companies for use in fracturing operations. Since then, we have broadened our expertise to include complete hydraulic fracturing fluid systems.

PfP Technology offers a full suite of products for hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, cementing, and production. With in-house experts and advanced technology right at our fingertips, PfP Technology is able to bring customers unique chemistries and patent-pending solutions that drive efficiencies.

Today, PfP Technology proudly serves and supplies all of the most active basins in America as well as parts of Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

Packaged Solutions.

Customers can further maximize cost efficiencies by combining PfP products and services including chemicals, blending, onsite storage tanks and blending units, water treatment services, and more. Contact PfP Industries for information about our products and services.