PfP Industries recently introduced a new company, PRRO Water. This highly anticipated service offering complements its spectrum of oilfield and hydraulic fracturing solutions: water treatment and management. PRRO Water leverages its sister companies’ capabilities to bring cost efficiencies and environmentally-friendly water management solutions to oil and gas, mining, industrial, agricultural and municipal waste customers.

Creating a Sustainable Business Model for the Environment
PRRO Water provides sustainable water management to support worldwide industry efforts to better manage waste water and water sourcing, converting waste water from linear to circular economy. Water, a natural resource, is not only the basis of life, but also a key resource for industrial applications, agriculture, recreation, etc. But, this natural resource is in high demand as the need for water is constantly increasing due to population growth, lack of pure drinking water, industrial needs/uses, and the oil and gas market demand. If ‘used water’ is not properly recycled, the water cycle becomes unbalanced leaving insufficient supplies of usable water. As a business community, we have come to terms that business models that depend on natural resources, like water, are only sustainable through environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

What PRRO Water Means for Business and the Environment
Leveraging years of multi-industry experience, PfP Industries and PRRO Water offer proprietary water recycling technology, along with other equipment and services time-tested in the industry. The unique water treatment capabilities of PRRO Water provides a streamlined solution for all types of waste water, including oilfield produced water and industrial waste water. PRRO Water’s technology eliminates nine or more impurities in one treatment thereby making the water safe for reuse. By combining this proprietary technology with other synergistic treatments, PRRO Water can treat even the toughest water to meet your needs and specifications.

“Our unique water management technologies provide cost-effective, customizable treatment options,” said Rajendra Ghimire, Technical Officer for PRRO Water. “But the real value is being able to reuse the water and significantly reduce the impact to our environment and water supply.”

PRRO Water works in tandem with other PfP Industries’ companies to provide onsite storage, logistical support, and chemical expertise for water management solutions. Through an integrated offering, PfP Industries hopes to drive cost savings and efficiencies for customers while reducing the environmental footprint of multiple industries.

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