PfP Industries™ announced that it is expanding its portfolio of products and services to include solid chemical solutions for hydraulic fracturing and well site completions. Particulate Technologies™, PfP Industries’™ latest addition to its suite of companies, leverages the benefits of dry chemicals to revolutionize the industry.

Dry Chemical Solutions: Safe, Efficient, Environment-Friendly
Particulate Technologies™ manufactures unique scale inhibitors, biocides, paraffin inhibitors, and other production and completion chemicals, all in solid form.

By creating a product that is cleaner and easier to manage, Particulate Technologies™ customers save money by transporting less fluid and more active material. The lower net weight of transporting dry chemicals decreases shipping costs, and with the ability to hold more product at the well site, customers are likely to see costs associated with transportation and logistics go down.

Using dry chemicals is also safer and decreases the environmental footprint of well sites. Operators will appreciate that there are no special cold weather handling requirements, and that dry chemicals are lighter to carry and easier to dispose of by using a polybag instead of a tote or drum. Safety managers will find that dry chemicals reduce the potential for spills and make cleaning up spills much easier.

“We are pleased to offer our customers new patent pending technology that will provide extended performance over traditional liquid chemicals, which we believe will enhance well performance and ultimately save our customers money” said John Turner, Director of Business Development for Particulate Technologies.